Do you need a Czech visa?

Immigration issues can be executed smoothly without worries. Even if you are still in your home country planning to apply for a Czech visa, we are ready to do all we can in regards to your:
  • Short-term visa / Schengen visa for a stay up to 90 days (visa “C”)
  • Long-term visa for a stay over 90 days (visa “D”)
  • Visa for a stay over 90 days for the purpose of collecting a long-term or permanent residence permit

Guidance from A-Z

We will assist you with the entire process of obtaining the Czech visa to prevent any obstacles to the successful issuing of the visa.

Experience with specific cases

We have been solving residence permit-related issues for clients with individual immigration backgrounds for more than 10 years.

Professional advice

We will answer any questions you may have in regards to your application and make sure you have all the documents in order.

What can we help you with

You are a non-EU national

All citizens of countries outside of the EU are required a long-term Czech visa when the duration of their stay in the Czech Republic is intended to be longer than 90 days.

You need it yesterday

Officially, issuing the visa takes from 30 to 60 days. The reality is that it usually takes from 30 to 60 days at least. Therefore, we strongly recommend starting your application process now without any hesitation.

You are waiting for the office to execute your visa application

In case of a long waiting time for the office to answer to your application we can make out an urgent letter and try to speed up the process.

Visa types

Short-term visa / Schengen visa for a stay up to 90 days (visa “C”)

for the purpose of tourism, visit (invitation), culture, sport, study, employment, scientific research, business journey or for the official/political purpose

Long-term visa for a stay over 90 days (visa “D”)

for the purpose of study, employment, business, scientific research, family unification, sport, medical treatment or for the purpose of participation in a legal entity (managerial position) with the purpose of study / culture / other

Visa for a stay over 90 days

for the purpose of collecting a long-term or permanent residence permit

Work visa / Employee Card / EU-Blue Card

a long-term residence permit for non-EU nationals who are coming to the Czech Republic for the purpose of work – see Employee Card

What clients say

“My consultant helped us navigate tricky problems with our visa application, which could have resulted in a penalty payment. We got our visa and no penalty payment! She was very patient and flexible in fitting in with our schedule.”
Claire - United Kingdom
“I had the pleasure of working with Oleksandra. She helped me a lot in everything regarding my visa, made quick and useful checkups and updates, and kept me informed regarding the entire process of visa application!”
Yotam - Israel
“These guys are so great! I had a unique visa case, which didn't stop them at all. Got all my paperwork in order (mostly without me), was super nice and helpful. Highly recommend it if you need visa help, or have a complicated case.”
Hilary - USA
“Excellent service, attention and care. All my questions regarding immigration were explained clearly and in detail. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to find information for VISA and stay in the Czech Republic.”
Raymundo - Mexico
“For me personally, Foreigners provided an amazing and fast service for a decent price. They helped me with my visa process. I would recommend them for a comfortable time in the Czech Republic.”
Mohamed - Sudan
“I am very thankful to the Foreigners agency, since they did a lot for me. They are all very skillful and professional and now I already have my visa thanks to their quick help. You can really trust them.”
Shanshan - China
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Visa Arrangement

Visa arrangement encompasses:

  • full package covering the whole process from initial steps to its successful finalization
  • complete supervision, assessment, and review of your situation requested documents, conformity to legal regulations, time periods and deadlines, expiration, etc.
  • answering any inquiries you may have
  • communication with the embassy (setting up an appointment where possible)
  • special attention to your case even if the issue is non-standard and more complex
  • one hour of personal assistance at Foreign Police/Ministry of Interior upon arrival to the Czech Republic to help you with registration
  • tracking the expiration date of your visa and sending you a reminder a few weeks before that date 

Visa arrangement applies to:

  • Long-term visa study / other
  • Long-term visa family reunification for non-EU citizens
  • Long-term visa business

We can also help you with an Employee Card (a long-term residence permit for non-EU nationals who are coming to the Czech Republic for the purpose of work) or a Schengen visa. Ask us for details and price!

Important: Please note that for us to deliver this visa assistance service to you, all the documents required for an application must be collected within 180 days of covering our fees, as the embassy / Ministry of Interior only accepts documents that are not older than 180 days. Otherwise, the whole process of visa assistance for you would have to be started again as a new service as all the documents would have to be renewed and checked again. Thank you for your understanding!

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If you need to arrange a new application for a temporary residence permit / the certificate of temporary residence,  long-term residence permit or its prolongation or apply for the permanent residence, check our Residence Permit service for details. For various other situations (official request letter, drafting an appeal against the authority’s decision, etc.), refer to our immigration consultation service.

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