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The information below is related to the certificate of temporary residence, permanent residence permit, and long-term residence permits. For various other situations (official request letter, drafting an appeal against the authority’s decision, etc.), refer to our immigration consultation service or our visa arrangement service - A to Z support for your visa.

A Certificate of Temporary residence / Temporary residence permit

For EU nationals (and EU nationals’ family members).

You can request this certificate from the CZ authorities - for EU nationals it is not obligatory to have one, however, it may come in handy!

Non-EU family members of EU nationals are obliged to file in an application for the temporary residence permit.

Especially interesting for you if:

  • You are new in the city and are an EU national (or are an EU family member)
  • Would like to stay longer than 3 months and who knows, possibly even longer (especially if you are planning for a permanent residence - after 5 years of temporary residence officially accounted for it is much easier!)
  • Need Czech birth certificate number (for driving licence, registering your vehicle, and/or also the birth certificate number is requested by some banks before opening a bank account), please note that Czech birth certificate number will be issued to you only after you have obtained the temporary residence certificate

Permanent residence permit

Both for EU and non-EU nationals. You decided to settle down here for good. You even know how to speak Czech a little. This is it! 

Great for you if you:

  • Have been here for some years (at least 5 years of continuous stay; a word of caution, purpose of stay for study counts as half, so if you studied here for 6 years, it counts as 3 years of stay towards the permanent residence permit) - plus for EU members there are some exceptions if they are family members of those who already have a permanent residence permit in CZ, ask us for details
  • Are tired of having to prolong your long-term residence permit over and over and over
  • Can speak some basic Czech at the level of A1 (for non-EU nationals), EU nationals and their family members do not need to have any knowledge of Czech

Long-term residence permit

For non-EU citizens. The applications are submitted in the Czech Republic. Applies to new applications for long-term residence permits and prolongation of current ones that have an outlined procedure and requirements. 

The service includes

  • complete supervision, assessment, and review of requested documents
  • filling in the relevant application form with you
  • answering your questions regarding the process
  • communicating with the immigration authority on your behalf where possible, supervise the process and arrange an appointment at the Immigration office
  • 2 hours of assistance at MOI; or 1 hour of assistance at MOI +1x postage of your documents
  • long-term residence permit purpose business includes also obtaining confirmation of non - existence of arrears at the financial office, social security, health insurance, and customs administration office

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