About us

Foreigners is here to make you feel at home. Our vision is to increase mutual understanding, overcome language and cultural barriers and let you enjoy your life full of possibilities!

Our Mission

Foreigners provide complex relocation services for expats starting with an apartment rental or purchase, through immigration assistance (visa), health insurance, transportation and moving all the way to translation, language courses or business consultations. Our added value is continuous assistance throughout the whole relocation process and the entire stay and a wide range of other services that can be arranged on a single spot.

  Sweet home, sweeter abroad
  Understand different
  Life full of possibilities

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Why us?

  •  full attention to your specific request and wishes by a dedicated consultant
  •  understanding your needs and expectations
  •  always playing fair and WIN-WIN, making effort to guarantee the same conditions for expats as there are for locals
  •  continuous support whenever you need
  •  huge portfolio of one-stop-shop services
  •  open-minded dynamic multi-lingual team with personal experience from abroad and passion to help
  •  rich experience in the field of relocation, immigration and real-estate since 2009 with thousands of satisfied clients
  •  5 offices accross the Czech Republic

Membership and Awards


The European Relocation Association supporting global mobility and intercultural understanding. They aim to promote professionally managed relocation.

Brno Expat Centre

An NGO providing consultations and assistance to foreign professionals and their families. They organize seminars and informal meetings. Foreigners are a verified member of Brno Expat Centre Referral Programme

Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 Award

Foreigners took 3rd place in the South Moravian region Vodafone Company of the Year 2016 Award.

Public Choice Franchise of the Year Award 2017

As a finalist of the Franchise of the Year Award 2017, our agency won its Public Choice Award.

One to Watch & National Winner in the 2019 EBA

Foreigners have been named One to Watch and National Winner in the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest business competitions.

Sweet Home, Sweeter Abroad

Entering a foreign country usually brings about a wide variety of feelings. Our aim is to encourage and deepen the positive ones.

We help expats fulfill their needs. Starting with a smooth arrival to the country, followed by relocation services, transport or accommodation and finishing with get-together events and parties.

With our help, foreigners feel more at home.

Understand Different

We establish respect for variety. We are changing foreigners' perspective on the Czech Republic and we also help our citizens understand other cultures.

Our team has been gaining experience in all parts of the world. Owing to our own travels we know how hard it might be to get accustomed to a local environment and to overcome cultural differences.

The purpose of our work is to increase mutual understanding.

Life Full of Possibilities

We are a group of people who believe that together they can achieve the impossible. Thanks to mutual inspiration and personal development, we may walk the roads that have not been followed before.

The more people you know, the further you can reach. Together with our clients, we build a widespread network of international contacts, of friendship and experience.

Together we move the world forward.

We Are Proud of Czechia

We are a Czech company and our clients are not only foreigners. We provide services for real estate owners ranging from rental and sale to an all-inclusive property management or development itself. We increase the service quality level in the Czech Republic thanks to experience with foreign clients.

The objective of everything is we do is to respect the foreign as well as to strengthen the Czech. Thus we create a functioning and enriched unity.

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