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Foreigners are unique on the market

Considering relocation and immigration services connected with franchise network and direct database of property owners make Foreigners unique on the market. 

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We are members of Czech Association of Franchising.


We are finalists of the Franchise of the Year Award 2017 and winners of its Public Choice Award.

Grow with us

After 9 years of experience with expats, we know how to be successful. All our branches are run independently by its managers. All of them grow by min. 30%–100% every year! Seven years in a row. 

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Don't want to waste your time?

We know how difficult it is to start a business on today's market. We also know that there are many people who love to be among expats and want to work in this area. We search for those who want to work in the international environment and own their business BUT they do not want to waste their time on business administration and grow faster! 

Want to have your own business and work with expats?

Want to join us?

We are a group of people who love to help expats and love their job. We understand different cultures. Together we want to move the world forward! 

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What do we offer?

  • brand and name
  • manuals, job descriptions, regulations and directives, a functional and time-proven structure of the branch management
  • branch network 
  • history of the brand
  • interconnection of the branches
  • low operating costs (it is not necessary to spend money on corporate identity, website, CRM system and administration systems, a property database, etc.)
  • high-quality, functional management system custom-made for the needs of Foreigners
  • a system of statistics and control of the branch, providing the owner with reliable data on branch management
  • know-how from the relocation market
  • the franchisor’s assistance and guidance during the business venture
  • high-quality and economical training, both for the franchisee and for his staff
  • advantageous offers from other companies (general wholesale agreements)
  • stronger position when dealing with local partners (companies, universities) – the franchisee can rely on the extensive network of branches and use references from other branches
  • strong vision & company mission
  • assistance with choosing and training new team members
  • ready-made promotional materials
  • contracts, forms and other document templates for individual services (prepared and certified by professionals in the given field)

What do we require?

  • goal-oriented approach
  • the ability to set up objectives and to achieve them
  • responsibility
  • focus on business and on the business aspect of the company
  • willingness to develop personally and to learn
  • positive attitude towards foreigners
  • independence – the franchisee will not be directly supervised/controlled as an employee
  • industriousness and diligence
  • business skills – setting up cooperation, responsibility for local marketing and achieving sufficient turnover, sales skills
  • good communication skills, ability to deal with clients
  • personal dream or a vision of working for one’s own business 


We are ready to support new franchise branches in all capital cities and cities with a high population of expats, not only in Central Europe but elsewhere in the world. We are currently seeking a franchisee in Kiev (Ukraine).


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