Trade Licence

Obtain you trade licence and go freelance with our support!

Let us get you started with freelancing by helping out with the paperwork in the beginning - communicate with Czech authorities, organize the issuance of a trade licence („živnostenský list“) and help you with the necessary registrations and arrangements that follow.


  1. Contact us and tell us your business idea
  2. Prepare the documents needed (extract from penal registry, confirmation of the place of business, etc.) and their translation
  3. Make an appointment to discuss the requirements, business area, process, etc.
  4. Within the service we will: 
    1. supervise and coordinate the complete process 
    2. review the documents and request others, if needed
    3. register you on your behalf at the Municipality, the Financial Authority, the social security and health insurance system as a legal entity
    4. pay administration fee connected with establishing a new legal entity
    5. remind you of your obligations (income tax, etc.)
  5. Having managed the initial administrative burden, focus on your own business activities!

Current legislation allows you to authorize us so that we can go through the whole process on your behalf - you just need to sign a power of attorney at the beginning, so you don't even have to be personally present at the Czech Republic and we can save you a lot of time, stress and efforts!

Important: if you are a non-EU national, please note that once trade license is issued, its validity is tied to the validity of your current visa/permit. Before visa/permit expiry, you must go to the trade license office to show your renewed visa/permit. Otherwise, the trade license office may cancel your trade license without letting you know, possibly resulting in illegal invoicing. If you need a hand with notifying the trade license office, please get in touch as well!

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