Proof of Accommodation

Get a confirmation of your Czech residence address for visa application purposes!

When you are required to present a confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic for your visa or residence permit application, but you haven’t signed a valid lease agreement yet (because you are perhaps still in your home country), you can either

a) book an apartment distantly, which requires searching for apartment several months before you arrival, signing a lease agreement before you even see the flat in person, paying the Security Deposit (usually amounts to 1 rent), 1st rent and commission (basically 3x the apartment rent) in advance - this involves a financial risk in case you'd like to move to another apartment upon your arrival, because everything has been paid and signed...


b) arrange a legitimate accommodation proving your residence address in the Czech Republic with all legal requisites (real property, certified signature of a landlord, etc.) that is accepted by Czech embassies and the Immigration Office. This can be arranged within a few days and is much cheaper than the first option. Upon your arrival you'll have 30 days to search for a perfect apartment in person, decide on the one you like and update your actual address at the Immigraton Office.


  1. Contact us and submit your details through an online form
  2. Confirm that the official document is correct and can be shipped
  3. We'll send the original document to you by express or standard delivery service
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