Ship your documents anywhere in the world - quickly and reliably!

Whether you need to quickly get a document that we’ve just legalized for you, plan to ship your documents to our office to be translated or you have your own letter to be posted, let us take care of it.

We offer postage and shipping services as a complementary service on top of other services provided by us and extra added value to our clients. Sending a mail from a post office might be cheaper, but less convenient.

Feel free to choose between two available options:

  1. standard method of delivery via Česká pošta (registered mail with Track&Trace service, suitable for domestic mail)
  2. express DHL service (both outgoing and incoming) - fast and reliable all over the world

Get amazing discount if combined with another Foreigners service!


  1. Bring us your document or pre-order the service in combination with another service, such as translation, legalization, proof of accommodation, etc.
  2. Select the shipping option - standard or express (outgoing or incoming)
  3. Track your consignement online
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