Have your foreign education recognized by a Czech authority to continue your studies in the Czech Republic!

Do you want to study at a Czech university? Then you will be required to present acknowledgement certificate of your former education abroad, called validation of foreign studies and degrees, recognition of educational documents, or in Czech “nostrifikace”. This proves that your previous studies are equal to a comparable Czech education and your diploma is valid in the Czech Republic.

The conditions and requirements vary considerably, so why not let us do the paperwork for you? We will tell you what you need to present in your situation, review your documents, communicate with the authority on your behalf in case of extra request, prepare the Acknowledgement Certificate or invitation for validation exam.


  1. Contact us and submit an online request
  2. Bring us all the necessary documents for review and possibly for notarial verification and translation
  3. Fill in an application form in our office
  4. We'll process the application for you
  5. Collect the Acknowledgement Certificate or take a validation exam
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