Wine & Summer Infusion Party at Domeq

Are you a wine enthusiast? Next Domeq party will be full of great wine, food, and music.
Join the first wine tasting in Domeq history! Find out more about various types of wine and learn which type goes best with what appetizers.

Wine samples are going to be provided by Alex - a Russian wine sommelier. Food is going to be provided by Sven Macioschek - a chef who has been cooking all over the world for the past ten years & former Domeq tenant and music will be played by DJ Fadeev. Take out your calendars, we are going to meet up at Domeq terrace on the 6th floor and we are starting out at 7 PM.

Check out the event on Facebook for more updates and of course, don't forget to register, it's for FREE!


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