Come to the Maori HAKA Performance on Saturday

This Saturday, November 30, at Brno, you will be able to see a live Maori HAKA performed by Frank Grapl and his dance group Whakaari Rotorua from the New Zeland!

Exciting news won't stop coming and this is one of them!

Frank Tomas Grapl Junior will be one of the speakers at the Better Self, Better World Conference, and besides speaking, he will be also performing the Maori show with his dance group! Frank calls himself "Maoravák" because of his roots from Maori (New Zeland) and the Czech Republic (Moravia). He travels around the world to share his Maori culture, and that's exactly what he will do in Brno!

Don't miss the chance to get to know this wonderful human being and get your tickets right away at

We're looking forward to seeing you there!


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