Moving Service

Moving flats? Let us give you a helping hand with transporting your furniture!

Big van, driver, extra helper - that’s what we can provide when you are moving into a new apartment! Our movers will of course help you carry the heavy items.


  1. Order the service for a specific date, time and place and provide other details (such as furniture dimensions) so that we can send a van big enough
  2. Our mover/s arrive and load your prepared luggage, boxes and furniture items 
  3. The van will drive safely to your destination - either within the same city, country or around Europe
  4. Our movers will help you unload the stuff

Please note that some furniture items should be partially disassembled before transport and we can also assemble it back in the end!

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Check out how moving with Foreigners works!

Are you afraid your stuff won’t fit into the van? Tell us your requirements and we will take care of your special order too.

Do you just need to ship a parcel abroad? Our colleagues from Tea House Transport are happy to help with their fast door-to-door international parcel deliveries!

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