A monthly get-together for expats - friendly atmosphere, icebreaking activities and networking all in one!

  • New in the town?
  • Excited to get to know other foreigners around?
  • Fancy a chat with your fellow expats or locals?
  • Eager to share an experience with others and learn new things?
  • Want to practice Czech or meet somebody from your home country?

Foreigners MeetUp has become a legendary event! Join us and experience a unique multicultural atmosphere, have a chat over a glass of beer, expand your network, share experience and have fun with icebreaking games!

The event takes place regularly every month. The venue is variable, so check the current Facebook event in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Pilsen, Ostrava or Hradec Králové. You can also look forward to engaging competitions and games that will encourage you to talk to others during the night!

Free entry, non-smoking environment, no registration required (but we’ll appreciate if you sign up on Facebook).

Whether you are a student, employee, businessman, mum with kids or a tourist, you are welcome to come and enjoy the evening with us!

Want to get an invitation for the following events and interesting news for foreigners? Sign-up for a monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page. Follow us also at

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