Invitation Letter

Inviting a person to come to the Czech Republic has never been easier!

Do you wish to invite a foreigner to stay in the Czech Republic?

Invitation Letter serves to prove the purpose of stay of a foreigner in the Czech Republic, and is used in case of Schengen visa (stay under 90 days).

In the invitation, you can choose a different level of responsibility you wish to take for the invited person: accommodation or even financial support.


When you order the invitation letter, our consultant will:

  1. assess your situation and check the level of responsibility you wish to take
  2. consult with you which documents you will need for the invitation letter
  3. assist you at the foreign police (1h) with filling the invitation

Please note that if you need the Invitation Letter for a different city than the city where our office is, it is possible: Additionally, you will need to cover the travel expenses of the consultant from our nearest office.

The Invitation Letter serves only to prove the purpose of stay, and can be done on your name. This means that if you want to invite a person to the Czech Republic, you already need to have a valid stay in the Czech Republic (including EU nationals). We cannot issue the Invitation Letter in the name of our company.

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