Let us arrange internet service for you - starting with selection of a suitable package, through making an order, all the way to installation!

Can you imagine staying in an apartment without internet? Unthinkable! In many flats the internet service is not provided by the landlord and must be arranged separately.

We are here to help you with that, recommend you the best options suited to your needs and refer you to our reliable technicians so you can get connected sooner and easier and enjoy browsing websites, listening to music, chatting with your friends and skyping with your family back home within a few days!

And when you feel like switching to another provider, moving flats or leaving the country, we will also guide you through the contract termination process.


  1. let us know where you stay and your service preferences, if any
  2. we'll give you a specific offer for your location
  3. select a package of your liking, sign a contract and schedule an installation date
  4. wait for a technician's visit in a few days who'll set all up at your place

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Check our blog post on internet services in the Czech Republic.

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