Harfa Residence

Prague’s architectural symphony 


Instagram-like interiors, signature design, radiant optimistic yellow color - that's Harfa Residence for you!

This newly built complex of apartments is located in Prague, the "City of
a Hundred Spires", with culture, sports, and dining opportunities at hand.



The location is simply perfect - all amenities you can think of are 5 to 10 min walk away - scroll down to the end of this page to view a map and a list of details. 



Built-in wardrobes in the hallway and a kitchen unit with lots of storage are installed in all apartments. Some apartments are also offered fully furnished.



Awaiting a package delivery? Locked yourself out? No worries, the English speaking reception is here to ensure your comfort and watch over your safety.

Prague’s architectural symphony

“Harfa” is a Czech word for a classic string instrument - the harp.

Architects took this elegant musical tool as their muse and recreated its curves in the exteriors of Harfa Residence and brought its elegance and airiness into the interiors with help of glass and chrome details. The yellow color completes the building's signature look.

Not just pretty, but useful too! All studio apartments are equipped with energy recovery, an effective and modern system that ensures the supply of fresh and healthy air.
The central recovery unit makes the indoor environment pleasant by keeping it free of dust, noise, pollen allergens, and at the ideal humidity, which is especially beneficial for people with asthma and allergies.


Take a peek inside!

Newly opened Harfa Design Residence welcomes you with open arms and offers studio apartments with Instagram-like interiors - shiny chrome features, elegant white design of furnishing, glass and iron accents, and classy bathrooms!

Your studio apartment can be fully furnished with custom-made furniture of minimalist shape and colors. Or, if you prefer to be more in control of creating your new home, partly furnished units will give you a free hand to do so.

You can choose among studios with enclosed or open balconies, or without balconies. A handy cellar belongs to each apartment - it is big enough to store your bike and it's free of charge!



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