Help us furnish your apartment: we'll buy, bring and assemble your home!

What would an apartment be without a cosy furnishing, right? If you are just moving to a new flat, Foreigners will help you select, buy, deliver and assemble the furniture and equipment! All we need from you is a shopping list.

IKEA furnishing
  • Have you reserved your apartment online and want to have everything ready when you arrive?
  • Don’t you want to waste your time shopping?
  • Are you buying a bed or literally the whole apartment and don’t have a car big enough to transport it safely?
Mattress, or washing machine?

In case you have discovered what you need elsewhere, we can also get other furniture items or appliances from a different store, such as Kika, Jysk, Electroworld, Datart, etc. or even combine them.


  1. Plan your apartment layout, style and design, browse local e-shop (e.g. IKEA) website, add desired items to an online shopping cart and send us the list
  2. Tell us what combination of services we can provide for you: complete purchase & transport & assembly, or perhaps only purchase itself if you can pick it up yourself or enjoy furniture puzzles?
  3. We'll confirm the order and issue an invoice for the purchase and service value
  4. Upon receiving your payment, we will arrange the rest: go to the store, find and purchse all the items, bring them to your apartment and carefully assemble the furniture.
  5. Enjoy your brand new home prepared for you by us!
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