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Get your employee card for non-EU nationals to be employed in the Czech Republic *
  • a long-term residence permit (more than 3 months) with the purpose of employment
  • for foreigners from a country outside the European Union who already have a job arranged in the Czech Republic
  • we proceed with the application on your behalf in case of your first employee card and its prolongation, when changing an employer in the Czech Republic, or when applying
* Please note that to be able to apply for an employee card, you need to have a job contract first - our company does not assist with finding a job

Guidance from A-Z

We will assist you with the entire process linked to your employee card both if you are still abroad or already being present in the Czech Republic.

Experience with specific cases

We have been solving employee card-related issues for clients with individual immigration backgrounds for more than 10 years.

Professional advice

We will answer any questions you may have in regards to your application and make sure you have all the documents in order.

What can we help you with

Employee card/Blue card

  • a plastic card with biometric features where the purpose of stay is employment
  • equivalent to a long-term residence permit
  • related to the specific job position it was issued for - signed contract needed before applying
  • validity maximum 2 years in a row with a possibility to prolong the validity repeatedly
  • the entire process takes approximately 90 days

Change of employer or job position

  • for expats from a non-EU country who change a job in the Czech Republic
  • you have to announce change of the employer according to legislative requirements
  • change of employer must be notified up to 60 days after the end of the current employment that the employee card is issued for otherwise the employee card expires
  • if there is any error in the application it is needed to apply for the whole process again and still meet the 60 days limit

Work permit

  • procedure for third-country expats who don't have free access to the labour market of the Czech Republic, aiming to implement their employment in the Czech Republic
  • along with a work permit, it is necessary to have also a valid residence permit or visa for a legal stay in the Czech Republic, the work permit gives you truly only permission to work here, not to stay
  • once found an appropriate vacancy and having an appointment with a prospective employer you can apply for a work permit (and then apply for a residence permit) or an employee card or Blue Card

Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card

  • a new type of authorization for long-term residence for those who are working in a parent company abroad and transferred to the Czech Republic for a certain period of time
  • the purpose of residence (longer than 3 months) of the foreign national is to perform work in the position of manager, specialist or employed intern to which the foreign national has been transferred
  • issued for the duration of transfer to the territory of EU member states, but only to a maximum of 3 years for a manager and specialist and for 1 year for an employed intern
  • the card may be extended repeatedly to cover the duration of transfer to the territory of member states of the European Union, to a maximum of 3 years for a manager and specialist and for 1 year for an employed intern
  • deadline for a decision on an Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card is 90 days

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For further details on employee cards check our blog article or watch the video:

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What clients say

“The Foreigners agency provides friendly and useful service. They made moving to the Czech Republic for me a whole lot easier!”
R. J. Mason - United Kingdom
“For those who are struggling with Czechia and its bureaucracy, Foreigners are handling even the worst cases in a very short time. You can contact them without hesitation.”
Bilge Yıldırım - Turkey
“Foreigners is the best agency in Brno. Amazing people, very professional and always available to help. It is the best option for expats and I was fortunate to deal with them.”
Abdul Hafeez - India
“I recommend Foreigners to any expat who needs professional help with talking to officials and knowing Czech law. Oldřich helped me save a ton of time and nerves.”
Adél Zsigmond - Romania
“The experience with Foreigners has been positive from start to finish. I got help from Oldřich, his professionalism and knowledge made the process so much more clear, and safe.”
Christine Krogfoss - Norway
“I had a great experience with Alena and the staff at Foreigners. I appreciate all their help and I recommend them to any expat in Prague looking to get any kind of help.”
Abdulla Dilimi - New Zealand
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Employee Card

What does the service cover?

  • Advising local HR and the foreigner regarding the correct set-up of a free position in the company 
  • Communication with the relevant Labour office and the embassy
  • Provision and revision of all the required documents and advice on how to obtain them (certified translations, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, etc.)
  • An arrangement of the appointment at the Czech embassy
  • 2 hours of personal assistance at the MOI office/foreign police upon the foreigner's arrival to the Czech Republic (including the arrangement of the appointments)
  • Staying in touch with the foreigner/HR during the whole process
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