Immigration Consultation

Professional advice in any expat-related situation!

Do you find yourself in a tricky or complicated immigration situation and need to know how to get around it? Are you lost in the Czech jungle? Don't despair and get expert advice at a consultation!

Consultation, or assistance?

In case you know what to do and just need to overcome the language barrier, a personal assistant will help you avoid misunderstanding.
But if you’d appreciate professional advice, you are dealing with a complex issue and need guidance, you might want to schedule a consultation.

The consultation service is tailor-made for your specific needs:

  • specific immigration cases concerning visa, residence permits, and Czech citizenship
  • drafting official letters to authorities (appeals, formal requests)
  • maternity and parental benefits, social security benefits, foreigners’ tax issues


  1. Explain your issue in advance by email so that we can refer you to a specialist from our team
  2. Bring all related documents to an appointment
  3. Let us take care of the issue to your satisfaction

Skype consultations are also possible if you cannot come in person.


Besides immigration issues, there are also other consultation services possible:

Relocation Consultation
  • how to prepare for relocation to a new country
  • what is the best way to travel to your destination
  • what housing options you can choose from upon your arrival
Apartment Consultation - free of charge for VIP clients (see below)
  • basic legal advice in apartment and landlord related issues
  • legal review of current lease documentation, preparation of termination letters
  • the advice in unforeseen situations, explanation of rights and obligations
  • communication with landlord or service suppliers
Business Consultation
  • how to start a business
  • what are the steps required to establish a company
  • what are your legal obligations as an entrepreneur in the Czech Republic
Property Purchase Consultation
  • evaluation of a client's plan to buy a property and investment value
  • funding options (mortgage, etc.)
  • tax law and real estate owner's obligations
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