Comprehensive Health Insurance

Get comprehensive health insurance at our office!

Foreigners can help you arrange comprehensive health insurance for foreigners.

Please note that due to a change in law from 2.8.2021, brand new health insurance contracts can only be arranged through the PVZP company.

The comprehensive health insurance is a:
  • guarantee of access to complete medical care in the Czech Republic
  • prerequisite for visa or residence permit applications for non-EU nationals
  • in compliance with legal requirements of Act no. 326/1999 Coll., as amended, as to the minimum coverage of 60000 EUR
  • accepted by Czech embassies worldwide and the Czech Ministry of Interior

What does it cover?

The extent is comparable to public health insurance in the Czech Republic. You can count on:

  • Emergency and urgent care
  • Follow-up and planned health care
  • Dentistry - necessary and urgent care
  • Hospital and diagnostic care
  • Post-injury and post-operative rehabilitation
  • Repatriation

There is a possibility to insure extra: 

  • mothers-to-be and newborns - care during pregnancy and childbirth, post-natal health care
  • children from birth to 15 years - preventive examinations, check-ups, and vaccinations
  • professional athletes


Please note that we only help arrange the PVZP health insurance contracts as an extra service to another service you have already purchased from us (such as permits, visas, etc).

  1. Contact us with your request to arrange the comprehensive health insurance
  2. Submit an online form with the details of your planned insurance
  3. Come to the office to pick up the contract or ask us to send it abroad

Not in the Czech Republic yet?

Are you still abroad and in the process of visa application? Arrange the insurance distantly and we’ll send you the insurance contract by express delivery.

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