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Our company charges a commission for apartment rental. This fee covers complex assistance with accommodation search:

  • the first contact with you
  • finding out your expectations and requirements
  • advice regardng the location, search parameters etc. based on our experience
  • researching available options according to your criteria
  • scheduling and assisting in person at visits
  • negotiating best lease terms with the landlord
  • assistance with signing a rental contract
  • assistance and help with handing over your apartment

How Much Is the Commission?

We strongly believe that you should know all the costs and related fees in advance - that's why the prices in our offers include all standard charges:

  • rent as set by the landlord (no special "foreigners" prices)
  • advance payments for utilities (electricity, gas, heating, water...) - estimate monthly payments based on average consumption, either paid to the landlord or to providers through direct supplier contracts
  • services (building maintenance, lift, etc.) - fixed fees related to building administration charged by the landlord
  • Internet fee - either charged by the landlord or paid by you directly to the provider

so that you can calculate with the final price you'd be paying on a monthly basis. This amount is then reflected in the commission fee which is usually 1 monthly rent incl. utilities and 21% VAT (may vary depending on the city). The amount for each specific apartment is stated in the advertisement details.

VIP Service Package for Free 

As a bonus, with your first apartment rental with Foreigners you are also entitled to a free-of-charge VIP Service Package that includes:

  • communication with landlord in Czech (yes, English-speaking landlord is still an exception)
  • paperwork preparation and review (boring legal stuff but quite important, right?)
  • highlighting of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant (good to know!)
  • personal assistance and legal supervision during apartment takeover (it is not just about getting a key)
  • Internet and energy providers' contracts set-up (apartment without Wi-Fi and electricity? No, thanks!)
  • keeping in touch and continuous support (Hello there!)
  • reminder of upcoming lease expiration date (missing a deadline is not funny)
  • advice in unforeseen situations (we don’t want them to happen, but… well… we are by your side)
  • help to solve issues in the flat (who should pay for the broken light bulb?)

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