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Is your apartment a mess? Let our cleaning service make it up for you!

  • The party is over, but you don't have the time or simply don't feel like cleaning your apartment?
  • Do you prefer to hire someone to clean your place regularly so that you can study, work, enjoy your hobbies and spend time with your friends and family?
  • Has your lease terminated and you need to hand over the apartment clean and tidy to avoid losing security deposit?

The experienced and reliable staff of Foreigners' cleaning service will make your apartment shine! Tell us what you need - occasional or regular cleanup, simple or deep, dusting, mopping, washing windows, vacuuming, perhaps even doing laundry and ironing? We can do it as 1-2-3!


  1. Order the service, stating the details and your expectations (time and location, what to clean, what tools and detergents you have got, regular or one-shot service, etc.).
  2. The cleaning person will visit you and tidy up your flat.
  3. Use the time you saved doing what you like or with your loved ones!
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