Apostilization, Legalization, Superlegalization

Get your official documents authorized for using abroad!

Transferring an official document between countries often requires some sort of authentication of its legitimacy and validity. The specific type of authentication needed depends on its purpose, issuing authority, document destination and bi-lateral agreements between concerned countries: 

  • apostilization - providing a document with apostile (special type of legalization based on particular agreements)
  • legalization - local superior governmental authority (Ministry, Financial Authority, etc.) authenticates a document 
  • superlegalization - embassy authenticates a document that has been already legalized/apostiled

Not sure which is your case? Foreigners will take this burder off your shoulders! We can handle any document issued by Czech authorities (diploma, birth or marriage certificate, confirmation of studies, etc.) so that it can be accepted in your home country.


  1. Bring us your document
  2. Let us contact the authorities and process all the steps for you
  3. Collect the final document or have it sent by post

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Don’t confuse this with certified copies or notarial verification of documents for the purpose of translation which is actually much easier!

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