Feel at home in Czechia

Moving to a new country is an adventurous and exciting change in your life. Make it fun instead of drowning yourself in a flood of neverending paperwork and getting lost in a tangle of real estate offers. We are here to take care of that for you. Our vision is to increase mutual understanding, overcome language and cultural barriers, and let you enjoy your life full of possibilities. We are proud of Czechia and the people who live here!

How we enjoy our work

Our unique story

  • born in the minds of two students from the University of Hradec Králové
  • Andrea & Vojta decided to stand out against the uneven conditions for expats renting an apartment in the Czech Republic
  • with the assistance of their two Cypriot friends, in 2009, they helped the first clients, and the number of those in need mounted

The portfolio of the services has been growing hand in hand with the demand.
Andrea & Vojta were not only business partners but also an engaged couple.

The breaking point came in 2013 when the couple broke up.

Thanks to open communication and dedication to the common grounds, the founders have continued running the agency.
Having their own families, they are matching business partners while being close friends.

Our visions

Sweet home, sweeter abroad

Understand different

Life full of possibilities

Proud of Czechia


What do we do?

Foreigners are a friendly agency providing complex relocation services for expats starting with an apartment rental or purchase, through immigration assistance (visa), health insurance, transportation, and moving all the way to translation, language courses, or business consultations.

We provide continuous assistance throughout the whole relocation process and the entire stay with a wide range of other services that can be arranged on a single spot.


Why flow with us?

  •  a dedicated consultant gives full attention to your specific request and wishes
  •  understanding your needs and expectations
  •  always playing fair and WIN-WIN, making effort to guarantee the same conditions for expats as there are for locals
  •  continuous support whenever during your stay
  •  huge portfolio of one-stop-shop services
  •  open-minded, dynamic, professional, kind & multi-lingual team with personal experience from abroad and passion to help
  •  over a decade long experience in the field of relocation, immigration, and real estate with more than 15 thousand satisfied clients
  •  operating in five locations in the Czech Republic
  •  able to help you remotely (when you are still in your homeland)

Membership and awards

EuRA Brno Expat Centre  Franchisa roku
SmartNetwork Firma roku  Firma roku 
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