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Pick up an Open Call SIM card and make cheap international calls!

Foreigners is happy to bring you cheap pay-as-you-go mobile tariffs for domestic and international voice and data services in cooperation with our partner OpenCall - a virtual provider operating on Vodafone’s network:

  • no contract and no commitments
  • recommended specially for expats
  • cheap calls home
  • easy top-up - online by credit card, at our office and other options
  • unlimited calls to your friends on the same network
  • the same price as online or in another shop - no extra fee when buying at our office. Foreigners is distributing SIM cards under the same conditions as other shops


  1. Get a SIM card at our office (micro and nano SIM cards available)
  2. Select your plan and data bundle - depending on where and how much you want to call, text and browse. 
  3. When you run out of credit, top up online or buy a top-up card at our office

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Find FAQ at our blog article on OpenCall services.

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