Immigration Package

Complex assistance with immigration issues!

  • Are you dealing with Immigration Office of the Ministry of Interior?
  • Do you need to prolong your residence permit but don’t know how?
  • Are you not confident that all your documents are in order?
  • Are you confused about the process and what steps to take?
  • Are you not willing to waste your time queuing for hours with uncertain results?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you might appreciate our help and leave the whole immigration process on us. All you have to do is come to our office with all your documents.


Within the Immigration Package, our consultant will:

  1. assess your situation and advise on the steps to be taken
  2. review your documents for completeness and validity during a personal meeting, suggest correction, if needed
  3. fill in relevant application form with you
  4. answer your questions regarding the process
  5. communicate with the immigration authority on your behalf, supervise the process and arrange an appointment at the Immigration office

This complex assistance usually applies to new applications for long-term residence permits (non-EU citizens), temporary residence permits (EU citizens and their family members) and prolongation of current ones that have an outlined procedure and requirements. Any steps beyond the list above are to be paid separately as a consultation.

The price includes two hours of assistance. The applications are submitted in the Czech Republic. Here is a list of permits (or the prolongation thereof) which can be obtained via our immigration package:

  • Long-term residence permit studies /other
  • Long-term residence permit family reunification
  • Long-term residence permit business
  • Temporary residence permit (EU citizens /family reunification with EU citizen)

For various other situations (official request letter, drafting an appeal against the authority’s decision, etc.), refer to our immigration consultation service or our visa arrangement service - A to Z support to your visa or residence permit needs.


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