Household & Liability Insurance

Insure your property and liability for only a few crowns a day!

It is not unusual for an accident to happen in your apartment:

  • broken water tap or washing machine may turn your flat into a small lake
  • electricity overvoltage may damage your expensive computer or other appliances
  • burglary
  • damage may be unintentionally caused to you by your neighbour or the other way around

To avoid unpleasant negotiations with your landlord or neighbour, we highly recommend to take out household insurance that comes with many package options and secures your valuable possessions and apartment equipment for a ridiculously low price: getting these worries off your shoulders costs about 1 CZK a day

Who is Responsible for Apartment Insurance?

Even though landlords usually arrange property insurance, it normally doesn’t cover your belongings, but only the apartment unit itself (walls, roof). Anything that would fall out if you removed a roof and turned your apartment upside down is worth securing by a special household insurance arranged at your name (and it is sometimes even your obligation - check your lease agreement!).

Liability Insurance

This is a highly demanded insurance that covers your liability for damage caused to third parties by ordinary civil-life activities (dropping and destroying something in a shop, causing a car accident or injury or property damage to a third person, etc.). This package can be either added to the household insurance or even arranged separately!


  1. Contact us with your request to arrange the household and/or liability insurance
  2. Submit on online form with the details of your apartment and personal details
  3. Come to the office to pick up the contract or ask us to send it abroad

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Would you like to find out what insurance packages would suit you best, what they cover and how much would household insurance cost for your apartment? Check out our blog post on household insurance options.

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