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Get an obligatory vehicle insurance with us and stay on the safe side!

Having a car is indeed convenient but don’t forget to check validity of a compulsory car liability insurance (“povinné ručení” or “Pojištění odpovědnosti z provozu vozidla” in Czech).

Car Liability Insurance

This insurance is a necessity for any car registered in the Czech Republic and covers damage or injury caused to other vehicles or third parties during your car operation, e.g. during an accident. It is required by law and you cannot do without it during car registration.

Collision Insurance

On the other hand, collision insurance is an optional upgrade to the liability insurance. It secures your own car - windscreen, damage due to collision with animal or powers of nature and multiple other options.


  1. Tell us the details of the vehicle you need an insurance for
  2. Pick-up a contract and so called "green card"
  3. Drive without worries!

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Are you importing a car from abroad or buying a new one here? Let us guide you through the procedure and legal requirements connected with your vehicle registration and operation through our consultation, assistance and interpretation services.

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