We Are Seeking a New Real Estate Specialist!

We are looking for an experienced, energetic, fair and goal-oriented person to join our teams in Brno and Prague. Interested?

Do you think you can fit our team? Do you speak fluent Czech? Do you want personal growth? Would you like to work on yourself intensely every day? We are seeking someone who doesn't want to go with the grain and is always up for giving more. If you're searching for a job that could become a lifestyle, this position might be for you.

What is it about?

The job content of this position includes the intake of properties, sales, communication with clients, and closing deals. 

Who are we hoping for?

  • a positive person with a proactive approach to life and work, a fair player
  • openness and positive attitude towards people and foreigners and the enthusiasm to help them
  • experience in the field – property sales
  • fluent Czech (English is a plus) – spoken and written
  • good listerer and speaker
  • driven, goal-orientation person with excellent communication skills – needs to have the ability to pick up the phone and ask
  • the joy of looking for new opportunities, challenges, and letting others know about it
  • the ability to share with the public what you're working on and where, building a personal brand
  • reliability, independence, attention to detail, system, and organization
  • the want to learn new things
  • someone who can adhere to the WIN-WIN-WIN principle
  • time flexibility (it's up to you how you organize your time to achieve your goals)

Sounds compelling? You can find the full advertisement here (CZECH ONLY). We are looking for someone to join both our Brno and Prague teams.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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